The needle on the Melancholy gauge is somewhere in the light-blue colored “high” range today as I get ready for my last day at my current job. My experience has been that is far better to leave a job on your own terms than not (I’ve left many on both) but this one definitely comes with some…feelings. I really enjoyed my time at ThingMagic and while the position ultimately did not go where I was headed I felt that I got a lot of good work done there. I like my co-workers and will miss the blend of humor and deep thinking at the lunch table. In a little under two weeks I start anew at First Act. Change is good they say and this one sure will be good but not without a side of sad.


One Response to change

  1. SPaik says:

    Hey, sorry to hear you leaving TM (there goes my stock) but glad to hear you are doing it on your own terms. You were thrown into a strange position, and I’m glad you were able to get a lot done and make the most of it! Good luck with your new job!

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