game present

Quite often I have non-gamer friends ask me for recommendations for games. This is especially true around this time of year when presents are on people’s minds. Thankfully there are some great lists out there:

If you are looking to get your family started on games beyond the traditional Hasbro/Mattel fare this list from blogger Matthew Baldwin is a great place to start. I have played all of these and own most of them. They are all accessible and great for the family. This list is a “best of” compilation from his annual best lists which are also a great resource if you are looking to go the next step beyond the first list. This year’s edition can be found here.

If you are ready to dive in deep then you cant go wrong with the top rated games on the boardgamegeek. The main list tends toward heavier strategy games. Fortunately they have sub category lists for Family Games, Children’s Games, Party Games, and many others.

..and lastly here are some of my favorites:



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