I continue to be amazed at individuals, especially artists, who find ways to make money using unconventional business models using the hyper-connectedness of the Internet. A couple years ago the band Radiohead infamously offered up their In Rainbows album as a pay-what-you-want model. Admittedly this was a fiscally easy thing to do for a multi-million selling band but clever nonetheless.  Amanda Palmer has also been on the forefront of using these tools to sell her material. Most recently I heard an interview on Fresh Air with the comedian Louis C.K. who got tired of never seeing royalty checks from his comedy specials that would air over conventional television and cable. He’d decided to record his performance and put it for sale on his wind website, no strings or DRM attached – just pay $5.00 and it is your to download and do with as you please. The outcome flies in the face of everything the alarmist labels and big internet stores are wringing their hands over…he made a million dollars on providing content that people wanted. Don’t just try convince people that what you make is necessary for them to buy…..Make something, provide a service, whatever it is you do, if it is something people truly want, which really defines value, you can get money in return. …and the internet is a great vehicle for getting it out there, what ever it is.

5 Responses to value

  1. Bob Voges says:

    Hm, I’ve been thinking about this recently, too. Check out this 2008 post from Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly:

    • zosa says:

      I read that one way back when. I think the concept of finding the optimum spot on the long tail is very interesting. Do you think the remaining three Whatnots can find 3000 true fans? 😉

  2. Michael T says:

    Actually, the Louis C. K. thing gets even better. Since this was such an amazing windfall for him, he gave half to charity.

  3. Bob Voges says:

    I got email recently from Stevie Coyle, formerly of the Waybacks – he was doing a 30 minute live webcast show on a pay-what-you-want (minimum $5) model. Wonder how well it worked for him?

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