gaming manga

I recently started reading the manga Hikaru No Go, a story about a boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of a Go Master who lived a thousand years ago. What interests me most about this is that it is a manga (and a derivative anime as well) about a board game. Today I discovered that this title exists about a young Japanese girl who enters the the Chinese world of competitive MajJong. I love this trend…can “Hiraku no Catan” be far behind?


new leadership

Along the same vein as my last two posts, but a in slightly lighter domain, world leadership now seems to be heading in a pure fanboy direction. First were the repots of the new (albeit very conservative) Prime Minister of Japan being a serious fan of Manga and now this series of post regarding our new president elect as a real fanboy as well. A cabinet position for J. Micahel Straczynski perhaps?


i’m batman

no not really…and reading these blog entries, I clearly don’t have any of what it takes:

 Becoming Batman (and the original Scientific American article that spawned it)

…and the follow-up Finding Batman 

 I like the idea from one of the comments that a proffesional tennis player could do it…Federer seems to have the right demeanor…



this Foxtrot comic is perfect…



comic paranoia

Once again I think that the creators of the daily comic strips are watching me. Usually it is Jimmy Johnson who pens Arlo and Janis. This time it is Bill Amend in this Sunday’s Foxtrot. If you read my last blog entry you would know what I mean.ft061015.gif

grimm thoughts

I just love this Mother Goose & Grimm cartoon from yesterday…


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free comics

today was free comic day at comic book stores around the country…while the titles available are essentially comic book-shaped advertisements for the comic companies,they are a great way to introduce kids in to comics….my kids are just starting to appreciate them as a form of entertainment…and i think they understand that they are more than just stories with pictures…the good ones use art to help tell the stories….so far they are still mostly at the Scooby Doo and Casper level but my older son has started to show some interest in X-Men  and Spiderman…i really iwsh they had more older -kid/younger-adult titles available…i can’t wait until they are old enough to appreciate Watchmen or some of the better Batman titles


i’ve always enjoyed comics…from my early days in the late 60’s and 70’s reading x-men and fantastic four…to the 90’s years with batman and spawn, …then on to graphic novels such as the watchmen, from hell, sin city, and the dark night returns…more recntly its has been manga such as akira and alita…and now i have discovered the wealth of funny and interesting web-based comics…for geek humor check out dorktower and megatokyo…but for the more serious side go to scott mccloud’s site and check out the links there (some require paying 25 cents to read…could micropayments really be catching on?)…and this leads back to print material: if you have ever been intersted in the comic as information media and/or art-form, then get “understanding comics” by scott mccloud…it is a great read.

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