new leadership

Along the same vein as my last two posts, but a in slightly lighter domain, world leadership now seems to be heading in a pure fanboy direction. First were the repots of the new (albeit very conservative) Prime Minister of Japan being a serious fan of Manga and now this series of post regarding our new president elect as a real fanboy as well. A cabinet position for J. Micahel Straczynski perhaps?



from the wonderful quotes from kids file….

Both of my sons have long been into building kinetic sculptures, marble toys, dominos and anything that causes crazy actions over a distance…intersecting with this is lately we have been watching a lot of Start Trek: The Next Generation and they are very intrigued by the character of Guinan…tonight my younger son was overheard by my wife saying:

"Lets not make a Rube Golberg machine, lets make a Whoopi Golderberg machine!"

get a clue



thanks to brother Bill for sending this one to me! 




dash confessional

a moving video from a friend of mine…

comic paranoia

Once again I think that the creators of the daily comic strips are watching me. Usually it is Jimmy Johnson who pens Arlo and Janis. This time it is Bill Amend in this Sunday’s Foxtrot. If you read my last blog entry you would know what I mean.ft061015.gif

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