pod-icon300.jpgDuring these cold winter months I find it difficult to stand at my busstop and hold a book for reading. For the past few days I have instead been listening to listener-supported science fiction short story podcast cleverly titled Escape Pod. I was introduced to this by someone I met once and I only know as Pete, Heather’s friend from the youth group (who was wearing a 4th Doctor Scarf when I met him!). Hopefully I’ll see him again one of these days to thank him. Escape Pod has been running since 2005, providing weekly new stories from across the pantheon of SciFi. The first story I listened to was a hard SF story and, with the exception that it had one very graphic scene (with warning in advance thankfully) that I think was unnecessary, it was very good. The most recent was in the lighter, humorous, super-hero domain. I also have listened to a few others from the archive and from the Escape Pod Classic site, which has a collection of older stories that were considered favorites and all suitable for most ages. The host of the podcast usually has some very insightful introductory and closing comments, related to the story theme. If you are looking for a good escape, I recommend the Pod.

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