FVH742AF0R12VQR.MEDIUM.jpgAlexander and I did a great MAKE project this weekend. We made one of these BlinkyBugs. It is a wonderfully simple project that can be made with about $5 worth of stuff. The battery was the most expensive component. RadioShack had most of the supplies, with the exception of the copper tubing which we bought at a local hardware store (of course I had some spare guitar strings on hand!).  It took less than a half hour to do the whole thing. It demonstrates some very simple electronics,  shows how you can make someting that has dual-purpose elements (structural and active electronic)  and makes a fun interecative toy too! This could easily be a good classroom or camp/scout project. my%20blinky.jpgblinky%20supplies.jpg

Hard Drive Clock

274952985_e6838fb292.jpgWho doesn’t have a spare dead hard drive lying around….Via Gizmodo I found this great DIY project for turning an old hard drive into a very attractice geek-chic clock. This is definitely a project for an upcoming weekend.

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