while sitting here in the Delta Sky Club here in Detroit I’ve been catching up on some blogs that I usually read. As it turns out these two are great musings on Leadership.

Make things
here I particularly love the Freeman Dyson quote “There is a great satisfaction in building good tools for other people to use.”

Wanted: Leadership by Example
if only we could have a scientist/engineer political leader that could say “just as I did”

new leadership

Along the same vein as my last two posts, but a in slightly lighter domain, world leadership now seems to be heading in a pure fanboy direction. First were the repots of the new (albeit very conservative) Prime Minister of Japan being a serious fan of Manga and now this series of post regarding our new president elect as a real fanboy as well. A cabinet position for J. Micahel Straczynski perhaps?




I am pleased at the results from our national election last week. While I don’t think this election will bring the kind of fundamental change I personaly think is needed for the long term sustainability of our country and the world, it does represent change along the correct vector. This is represented especially by the going-live of www.change.gov within hours of the election results rolling in. Go there and you’ll see how a 21st century presidential transition should occur.

Related to this is that I became aware of that website on Thursday last week via this Ars Technica article. It took CNN until today to report on this in their political forum. While I loved CNN’s data representations during the campaign and the use of the mega touch panel during the election evening broadcast (despite constantly picturing Fred Armisen), it seems that even CNN is having a hard time keeping up with the change that I believe in.


Vote Today





Dennis Kucinich may not have been allowed to participate in the Nevada debate the other night but courtesy of democracynow.org you can hear exactly what he would have said along with the other candidates.

get a clue



thanks to brother Bill for sending this one to me! 




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