It is a busy day/night in the Boston/Cambridge area…the Red Sox are playing at Fenway in a surprisingly tough battle for first against the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays…the historic NBA finals rivalry of the Boston Celtics versus the LA Lakers is rekindled at the Garden…Harry Potter’s visionary JK Rowling is giving the commencement speech at Harvard…but me, I’ll be rockin’ and mellowin’ to the sounds of the T-Bone Burnett-backed Robert Plant/Alison Krauss show at the Harborlights..er..Bank-whatever Pavilion.


1194621926_9707.jpgIt sure is a great time to be a sports fan in Boston. The Red Sox win their second championship in four years, the Patriots are at 9-0 and playing better than they ever did in their three Superbowl championship seasons, the Celtics have an exiting team to watch again (although I find NBA basketball difficult to get excited about) and now the Revolution are going to their third straight MLS cup final (and fourth in the last five years). Maybe this will finaly be the year for the Revs. If you don’t think they are worth the time, watch this video (warning direct link to wmv data)to see Taylor Twellman score one of the best goals you will ever see. If only the Bruins (and the NHL) could pull a good package together.

glory road

59m.jpgSince the Red Sox were on the west coast this week end, the Saturday night game was a 10:05 PM EST start. This meant that as the kids were in bed by 9:15 we had some time to kill before the game started. Stephanie had recorded Glory Road on the DVR earlier in the week so we figured we would watch the first few minutes and then switch on the Sox. We would get back to the movie later…or not if we didn’t like it. Well we watched the film straight through and it was the Red Sox who had to wait for a later viewing.

Glory Road is a based-in-fact story of the 1966 NCAA champion Texas Western College Miners (now called the University of Texas at El Paso) men’s basketball team, which fielded history’s first all African-American starting lineup of players to take a Division I national championship. Hall of Famer Don Haskins, portrayed by Josh Lucas, was the coach who “changed the history of college basketball” …this only two years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I knew nothing of this story until I heard Bill Littlefield interview Don Haskins and the author of the book that inspired the movie on his Only A Game radio show last winter.

The story is full of moments where, unexpectedly, race becomes an issue for many of the characters, regardless of their skin color. I liked how a number of prominent, powerful white figures were shown not being overtly racist, but rather ignorant of the situation that blacks found themselves in that era. The cast was great and with the exception of a small role for Jon Voight, there were no big name actors. The soundtrack fits well with the era and was used both as background in some scenes and directly as part of the action in a few cases. While there is no new ground broken with this film, it is a great feel-good story about how pride and teamwork can overcome even the harshest of obstacles. The irony is that it is rare today to field a team in college or pro basketball that is not of a simliar makeup to that of the 1966 Miners.

copa de mundial

It is that time in the quadrennial cycle for the world’s best soccer/futbol/fussball/football/calcio nations to bring their best players together for the most-watched world-wide sporting event. I’ve been hooked on international soccer since the tournament was held here in the US in 1994…I went to all but one of the games at Foxoboro including Argentina (Maradonna’s last stand) versus Nigeria (in their debut), Greece’s debut and an Italy versus Spain quarterfinal that was hands down the most exciting sporting event I have ever attended….this year I am watching on a screen however I can…today at lunch I went to a local bar for the last 15 minutes of the first half of the Germany versus Costa Rica opener, then I watched most of the second half via streaming video from some internet broadcaster in China…it sort of works…I am looking forward to the US team this year…they seem to get better every tournament…well as the chant goes…O-lay, olay, olay, olay, …O-Laaay, O-ho-Lay!


the boston red sox are major league baseball champions…how sweet does that sound?…i went to the celebration in boston today (check out the photos in my photo section) and it was joyous!

i know it has been repeated many times, and is starting to sound trite but… this one was definitely for my dad…


what can i say…they beat the dreaded evil empire last
night…greatest comeback in baseball history or greatest flop in
baseball history? you decide…it is wonderful for me to finally be able
to remove myself from the emotional aspect of all of this and enjoy the
pure “theater” of post-season baseball…i have always enjoyed the
“colorful” baseball from jimmy piersall to oil can boyd, the most fun
is when you have fun players…this team is full of fun
“idiots”….sure i hope they finally win the world series but even if
they don’t,
they have been very entertaining for the past few months…

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